Recommended software

This is my list of recommended software for Windows. Some of them can work on Mac/Linux: OneNote: notebook AutoHotkey: custom hotkeys & automation ManicTime: computer usage tracker ShareX: screen capture & host uploading ClipX: clipboard manager (CopyQ for advanced features) RSIGuard: ergonomic software f.lux: blue light filter T-clock Redux: configurable taskbar clock WhatPulse: keyboard/mouse usage … [Read more…]

How I use Google Keep

My speculation on why Google Keep doesn’t support text formatting and folder structure First, let’s not forget that there are a lot of note-taking apps that support formattings and folder structure. You name it: OneNote, Evernote, Zoho Note, etc. If GK also support formatting, then it will compete with other well-established competitors. Now, let me … [Read more…]