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Analogy Writing Finding the balance point Communication and perspective taking The cold gaze To be specific, here are the questions that each section trying to answer: Analogy: Why do analogies help us understand a problem we don’t understand? How to reason with analogy without making logical fallacy? Writing: How to explain a concept when the … [Read more…]

0. Summary

This is the summary of the two articles: Making concrete analogies and big pictures Straightforwardness, Fearlessness and Improvisation: How to find the fresh perspective? Some of the points are new and haven’t developed yet to be added in them. First article A weak analogy or embellishment is just local stimulation and will be forgotten soon, … [Read more…]


Hi, welcome to my website. Currently I have three projects: Lightninged: a flashcard deck for advanced English vocabulary The Sphere: a translation from modern mathematical and physical concepts into flowery language Fadedness and Clearness: a research on the nature of meaning and meaningfulness Those projects may be different on the surface, intended for different audience, … [Read more…]


There is increasing evidence that the impacts of meteorites have had important effects on Earth, particularly in the field of biological evolution. Such impacts continue to pose a natural hazard to life on Earth. Twice in the twentieth century, large meteorite objects are known to have collided with Earth.