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  • Intro 5

    My work can be divided into two projects: The Sphere and A theory of perspective Project 1: The Sphere The mission of The Sphere is to promote self-refection, the respect to others, the curiosity to what cause us fear, and the courage to cut harmful things. The targets are people who are suffering (or creating […]

  • Intro 4

    My interest is to construct a framework for the concept “perspective”, as in “keep a fresh perspective”, “look at the problem in a new perspective”, “put yourself in other’s perspective”, etc. The concept is intuitive, but what exactly it is is still vague. Because of that, these advices are easier said than done. The take-home […]

  • Intro 3

    Hi, welcome to my website. Currently I have three projects: Lightninged: a flashcard deck for advanced English vocabulary : a translation from modern mathematical and physical concepts into flowery language : a research on the nature of meaning and meaningfulness Those projects may be different on the surface, intended for different audience, but at their […]

  • Into 2

    Hi, welcome to my website. My current life goal is to be with the one I love. That’s all I really care about now. If you are not satisfied with my introduction, then I understand that. You can read my old introduction here. I hope that it would make my words less vague. If you […]

  • Into 1

    Hi, welcome to my website. I am currently the webmaster of the Vietnam Book Drive project. Its mission is to bring good textbooks from the US to libraries in Vietnam. I have a bachelor degree in HCMC University of Science, in theoretical physics. At the moment, my objective is to continue my study in graduate […]