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  • Recommended software

    Recommended software

    This is my list of recommended software for Windows. Some of them can work on Mac/Linux: OneNote: notebook AutoHotkey: custom hotkeys & automation ManicTime: computer usage tracker ShareX: screen capture & host uploading ClipX: clipboard manager (CopyQ for advanced features) RSIGuard: ergonomic software f.lux: blue light filter T-clock Redux: configurable taskbar clock WhatPulse: keyboard/mouse usage […]

  • The ultimate guide to process scanned books

    It’s more than just splitting pages

  • How I use Google Keep

    How I use Google Keep

    My speculation on why Google Keep doesn’t support text formatting and folder structure First, let’s not forget that there are a lot of note-taking apps that support formattings and folder structure. You name it: OneNote, Evernote, Zoho Note, etc. If GK also support formatting, then it will compete with other well-established competitors. Now, let me […]

  • Corner Timer: gently make you feel guilty on time-wasting apps

    Make you feel guilty for your unproductive curiosity

  • Bộ sưu tập từ điển chuyên ngành

    Bộ sưu tập này có khoảng 100 file từ điển. Mình để chế độ tự do chỉnh sửa để ai có cuốn nào mới thì có thể đóng góp. Mình ưu tiên từ điển hoặc giáo trình nhập môn đại học để các bạn dịch nếu phải dịch một thuật ngữ ngoài chuyên ngành có […]

  • Kinh nghiệm dịch

  • A highly efficient GRE Anki deck to learn

    A highly efficient GRE Anki deck to learn

    Well, I kind of obsess with being perfect efficient. Most of the time, people only concentrate on the content, but are not aware of how that content gets digested by others. The worst example that I know of that bad displayed information (not missing information) can lead to a disaster is the case of the […]