Fields of knowledge

  • Philosophy: Daoism, Buddhism, postmodernism, epistemology, romanticism, logic & phil of math, phil of mind
  • Psychology: cognitive psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology
  • Linguistics: cognitive linguistics, stylistics, semantics, syntax, phonetics
  • Math & hard sciences: projective geometry, group & representation, dynamical systems, harmonic analysis, complex analysis, history of math
  • Others: translational studies, literary criticism, communication study, interpersonal communication, rhetoric & composition
  • Medical science: atopic dermatitis



  • Programming: AutoHotKey, Regex, SQL, JavaScript, PowerShell, sed/grep/awk, bash, Python
  • Network – sysadmin: Wireshark, cURL
  • Webmaster: WordPress development, DirectAdmin, WinSCP
  • Android: Tasker


  • Marketing: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Mouseflow
  • Designing – publishing: LaTeX, Word, PDF manipulation, Illustrator, Paint.NET, Inkscape, Scribus, ImageMagick
  • Video production: Movavi, Audacity, VLC
  • Productivity: OneNote, Google Keep (moderator of r/GoogleKeep subreddit), ManicTime, Trello, RescueTime
  • Languages: Vietnamese (native), English (TOELF: 90, GRE: 306), Chinese (novice)
  • Other interests: project management, knowledge management, ergonomics
  • Hobbies: StarCraft, Go, skateboard, beatbox


Bachelor of Science in Theoretical Physics
Honor program, Ho Chi Minh City University of Science, ‘10 – ‘14
Contest: National Student Physics Olympiad (2011), third – place team medal