Recommended software

This is my list of recommended software for Windows. Some of them can work on Mac/Linux:

You can use PhraseExpress to replace AutoHotkey + ClipX. It has a GUI, but is much less flexible.

If you want to make any webpage (e.g. Google Keep, Gmail) as a standalone app you can use Nativefier. I recommend you to use this command line:

nativefier --single-instance --tray start-in-tray --name "Google Keep" "" "Desktop" 


Firefox has an advantage over Chrome: its Android app supports addons. Because you can sync tabs, bookmarks and logins between devices, it’s better to use Firefox in all devices.

Recommended addons:


Recommended scripts:


Cool projects

  • Ecosia: the search engine that plants trees
  • Folding@home & BOINC: allow scientists to use your computer when you don’t use it
  • Tab for a Cause: raise money for charity every time you open a new browser tab