Why do I love science?

I have known for a long time that science is “fun”. I couldn’t clearly explain why until I read the book The Human Zoo, written by Desmond Morris:

The explorations and inventions of childhood are usually trivial and ephemeral. In themselves they mean little. But if the processes they involve, the sense of wonder and curiosity, the urge to seek and find and test, can be prevented from fading with age, so that they remain to dominate the mature Stimulus Struggle, over-shadowing the less rewarding alternatives, then an important battle has been won: the battle for creativity.

This is exactly the paragraph that has been rocking my soul for years. An elated feeling was starting to pervade inside me when I found out who I am: a childlike adult.

Many people have puzzled over the secret of creativity. I contend that it is basically no more than the extension into adult life of these vital childlike qualities. The child asks new questions; the adult answers old ones; the childlike adult finds answers to new questions. The child is inventive; the adult is productive; the childlike adult is inventively productive. The child explores his environment; the adult organizes it; the childlike adult organizes his explorations and, by bringing order to them, strengthens them. He creates.

I guess no more word is needed to say now.





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