Appendix 2: Other thoughts

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There are three mathematical branches that are used in this theory: projective geometry, dynamical systems, and maybe harmonics analysis. As far as I know, the only theory in physics that links all of them is… Einstein’s relativity theory. I’m speechless 😶

But I think the mathematical model is totally different and should not be that overkill. As I found the Riemann sphere via the pendulum solution, I don’t think it involves the spacetime curvature or light velocity. At best it may involve the Galilean group.

Although it would be great to find the energy flux of the movement, in essence, this section is no different than saying the universe must have a designer because the watch has one.


How could Thich Quang Duc tolerate the pain to remain calm during his self-immolation? High cortisol level can numb significant pain, but I’m not convinced that he was just calm at the surface but was fighting with the burn inside.

Long-term meditators is known to be able to activate gamma wave on-demand to go in unconsciousness and having dissociation to the outside world (Koch, 2013). Perhaps meditation is a way to master embodied oscillators without the need of conceptualization? It’s possible I think, but it’s really hard. Can AI do the same?


So can we have the theory of everything?

I… really don’t know. But let’s assume that we just find it out today, and tonight we are going to have the largest party ever. WE KNOW EVERYTHING!

What would happen after a couple months? Do we still believe in it psychologically? Sure, the experiments will always confirm the theory, but since the nature of science is to doubt what you believe in, I think we always find new perspectives to explore. Would we stop finding new perspective?

The theory of everything would dictate how we understand it. How would it present itself to a kid? If it can explain the small-world network, can it be explained by introducing 6 new terms only? Can we know whether a cat know it too? Can it help us less afraid of sitting on a fire? I think, if we are serious to find the theory of everything, then we should also be serious to explain it to a kid.

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