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  • Hire me?

    CV [slideshare id=67739771&doc=cv-lminhnht-161027163420&type=d] Cover letter I studied physics in university. The natural science background gives me (1) solid knowledge of mathematics to handle number related problems, and (2) an intuition to analyze any phenomenon. For example, there is a TED talk about the similarities between physics and marketing by Dan Cobley, marketing director at Google. […]

  • I am planning to make a better version of my GRE Anki deck

    So after nearly a half of a year to use the deck myself, I have found some inconsistencies between the database, some features that I rarely use, and some others that I wish I have added. I realize that I can improve the deck. I want to improve it. This itch named perfectionism is killing […]

  • My experiences and activities prior to 2015

    Research into Vietnamese culture (2009) When I was in high school, I had my first experience in scientific research. Although my interests are natural sciences, the work was in social science. When I was young, I noticed that when Vietnamese people are in a relationship, the female one always addressed herself (and was addressed) as […]

  • Why do I love science?

    I have known for a long time that science is “fun”. I couldn’t clearly explain why until I read the book The Human Zoo, written by Desmond Morris: The explorations and inventions of childhood are usually trivial and ephemeral. In themselves they mean little. But if the processes they involve, the sense of wonder and […]

  • Don’t use the first image in Google to put into your card

    Today I learn this word: peripathetic adj.traveling especially on foot; of or relating to Aristotle or his philosophy This is the image appears in the card: Well, a walking person, sounds good. But does it strongly show the philosophy meaning, the one that makes peripathetic has its own market to use, the one that makes […]

  • Why I choose ecology to study in grad school?

    At this point, after searching high and low for the right field to study in grad school, I believe system ecology is the one that suits me most, because of the following reasons: Visualization I’ve always been amazed by how visualizations help us to get the theme of the work quicker and deeper. For example, […]

  • Why do I need to study English, when translators are getting better every day?

    Why do I need to study English when translators are getting better every day? First thing first, why do I need to study English? Well, because everyone in the world needs to communicate. If we only need to talk to people speaking our mother tongue, it would be needless to learn new languages. However the […]