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My work can be divided into two projects: The Sphere and A theory of perspective

Project 1: The Sphere

The mission of The Sphere is to promote self-refection, the respect to others, the curiosity to what cause us fear, and the courage to cut harmful things. The targets are people who are suffering (or creating suffering to others), yet resist others’ supports to maintain status quo. This includes abusers and people with learned helplessness. The method is to equip their friends and loved ones the skills and knowledge to help them change their mind. For starter, read about social work case management and consequentialism.

Protectors of autonomy usually have a misconception that one’s choice should always be respected, because their autonomy should always be respected. The fact is that it is only true in 99.999999% of cases, and the other 0.0000001% is people who internalized oppression. Therefore, only hoping for the best but leaving their situation intact is generally considered as undermining their autonomy. For starter, read about relational autonomy and decision-making capacity.

This project is written in Vietnamese. Its website attracted ~30k people in past year (~160 on average per day). Many of them are human right activists, psychologists, religion practitioners, academic researchers, artists, etc.

What will The Sphere do?


Construct a roadmap for friends of people with negative beliefs to support them together

For people with prejudices or learned that it’s best to abandon all effort to live a better life, they not only don’t have motivation to change, but also have motivation to not change. Is there a way for those who care about their well-being can join effort to support them without too much arduousness?


Erase many misapprehensions and misbeliefs in society

There are conceptions that although we can feel something unhealthy underneath, but every time we try to pinpoint it out it just slips away. They permeate all aspect of life, from religion to poetry… Is there a way to communicate that to the point that even the most enthusiastic people in believing them have to utter out loud “wow thanks, I wish I’d thought of putting it that way”?


Understand the mechanism of misunderstandings and meaning changes

Why do safeness, necessity and interestingness sometimes not represent themselves as safe, necessary and interesting in the eye of the beholder? Why are ideas that are so humanistic sometimes semantically flipped during usage? Why does each proverb have an opposite one? Is it possible to provide an explanation that is both powerful and straightforward so that everyone can use?

Project 2: A theory of perspective

Imagine a floating iceberg. The part above the water is the The Sphere project. The part below the water is this project. It is to construct a theory for the concept “perspective”, as in “keep a fresh perspective”, “look at the problem in a new perspective”, “put yourself in other’s perspective”, etc. The concept is intuitive, but exactly what it is is still vague. Because of that, these advices are easier said than done. The take-home message is this “formula”:

Challenging assumption = meaning shifting = perspective changing

For more detail you can read the research proposal. You can also read about the theory itself, but I should warn you that this is not a final product.

Thank you for your visit, and I hope you enjoy them. Have a nice day.

Updated 20 Dec ’20