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Hi, welcome to my website.

I am currently the webmaster of the Vietnam Book Drive project. Its mission is to bring good textbooks from the US to libraries in Vietnam. I have a bachelor degree in HCMC University of Science, in theoretical physics. At the moment, my objective is to continue my study in graduate level. I love to use physics knowledge to apply to evolution or ecology systems.
The ultimate goal is to find the answer for the profound question that Schrödinger (and many many more) had longed to know: What is life?
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After I graduated my university, I have taken a gap year. Not studying, not working, not traveling, but not resting. I use that time to enrich my mind, and enhance my body. I read books, fill the gap in statistical physics, try to leverage my English, optimize my productivity, understand my health, build my personal brand, be creative with art , etc.

All of these things are for preparing for my next stage of my life: going to grad school.




On the internet, you can catch me with the nickname Ooker. It doesn’t mean anything.

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When men see the stars, curiosity is what kills them…

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