Intro 3

Hi, welcome to my website. Some of my projects: Anki deck for GRE learners: a flashcard deck for advanced English vocabulary A theory of perspective: how to find fresh perspective when you feel lost? You can visit the Resources page to see more. Thank you for your visit, and I hope you enjoy them. Have … [Read more…]

Into 2

Hi, welcome to my website. My current life goal is to be with the one I love. That’s all I really care about now. If you are not satisfied with my introduction, then I understand that. You can read my old introduction here. I hope that it would make my words less vague. If you … [Read more…]

Into 1

Hi, welcome to my website. I am currently the webmaster of the Vietnam Book Drive project. Its mission is to bring good textbooks from the US to libraries in Vietnam. I have a bachelor degree in HCMC University of Science, in theoretical physics. At the moment, my objective is to continue my study in graduate … [Read more…]